OCAF Open Studio September 25,2018

This beginning study of the model, John Gingerich was done on September 25, in an open studio session. The session is held weekly, at the Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation, in Watkinsville, GA.

This particular stage, the line drawing of John, is done with a mixture of raw sienna and ivory black. This stage also includes a few darks in John’s face and hair. This will be a life size study.







This is my final study of John Gingerich, for the evening. We painted, at Open Studio, from 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm. When John first arrived, with his painted-on dark mask, one of the artists felt that it would be quite a challenge. I felt excited about the opportunity to paint this unusual image of John. I anticipated the affect that the dark neutral rectangle could have on John’s very warm skin tone. It was a plus however, to observe the contrast between the light on the mask, and the light on the colorful skin tone. I had not anticipated that.


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